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Criminal Defence Lawyers

Our Brampton and Mississauga Criminal Defence Lawyers have experience in representing and defending the rights of those who have been charged with a crime. The representation provided is crucial to our client's legal case. Our criminal defence lawyers have knowledge of the laws, proceedings, and customs that apply to our client's case and how to use those to best serve our client's legal interests. We provide a number of services necessary to building a strong defence in any criminal case.

Reasons to Retain us as your Criminal Defence Lawyers

  • Have a vast amount of knowledge of current laws and criminal procedures
  • Provide a well organized defence
  • Committed from start to finish and thoroughly prepare for every case
  • Have handled thousands of criminal matters all over Ontario ; assault, impaired driving, theft and drug charges
  • Always available to provide proper legal advice by calling the office, cell phone, or by text or email

Criminal Process

It starts with a free consultation. Facing a criminal charge is a stressful event. Our lawyers will provide a free consultation and guidance in a relaxed setting. There is no obligation to retain or hire any of the lawyers. This service is absolutely free of any charge.

STEP 1 We listen After our lawyers learn the nature of your case, they will arrange an appointment for a free consultation to discuss the defence of your criminal charges. This is your opportunity to tell your side of the story to a professional lawyer in a relaxed environment.
STEP 2 We advise After hearing the facts, our experienced lawyers will define the legal issues that apply to your case. The free consultation includes a discussion of the Court system, guidance on how you should deal with your case and how our criminal lawyers can help you get the best results.
STEP 3 We intervene, defend and protect Finally, our lawyers will give you a straightforward analysis of what you can expect and how they will help you achieve the best outcome.