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Recent Success *

R. v. S.H. (2014)

Case - Our client was charged with second degree murder, along with three other co-accused parties. A man was stabbed and killed during an intended robbery during a drug deal.

Result - We managed to convince a Superior Court and the Crown Attorney's office to agree to our client's release at a murder bail hearing. None of the others charged were released. Through extensive negotiations and pointing out the weaknesses in the Crown's case, our client's matter was resolved without having to go back and serve any more time in jail.

R. v. A.C. (2015)

Case - Our client was charged with criminal harassment and assault (x2) against his girlfriend. Our client maintained his innocence and we ultimately set a date for trial. The client had received two peace bonds in the past for similar types of offences. Based on his history and the complainant's views, the Crown initially refused to allow our client to enter into another peace bond.

Trial - At trial, we presented numerous photographic and documentary evidence to the Crown. This evidence cast serious doubt on the credibility and truthfulness of the complainant. The Crown agreed to withdraw the charges and our client entered into his third peace bond.

R. v. J.S. (2015)

Case- Our client's brother's ex-wife called the police to have him charged with harassment. The police refused to charge him. The complainant then went to court and filed a private complaint. The Justice of the Peace issued a summons for the charge of criminal harassment.

Result- We persuaded the Crown to withdraw the charge as it was not in the public interest to proceed.

* The above results are not necessary indicative of future results; and will vary according to the facts in individual cases